2010 Swedish Military Airshow - marcelburgerphoto

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A Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight (Kawasaki KV 107), or Helikopter 4 (Hkp 4) as the type is designated within the Swedish Armed Forces. First deployed in 1963 for transport and later SAR duties the 14 remaining Hkp 4s were taking out of active Swedish service in 2009. Maintained by the Logistic and Materiel unit of the Swedish Armed Forces (FMLOG) at Malmslätt this particular example was built under license by Japanese Kawasaki in 1973 (KV 107) and flew during the Swedish Armed Forces airshow 2010 (Försvarsmaktens Huvudflygdag) at F3 Malmslätt, Linköping. It is reported stored with the Aeroseum in Göteborg since august 2010.

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From CH-46 Sea Knight / Hkp 4 (Boeing)