2010 Swedish Military Airshow - marcelburgerphoto

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An Aérospatiale (Eurocopter) AS332 Super Puma rescue helicopter of the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) during a fly-by of F3 Malmslätt, Linköping, Sweden. Pictures taken during the 2010 airshow of the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmaktens Huvudflygdag). The Swedish military took delivery of 12 Super Pumas between 1988 en 1995, designating them Hkp 10 (Helikopter 10). Nine remain within the Armed Forces Helicopter Fleet (Försvarsmaktens helikopterflottilj), based at various locations. Amongst the nine are special adapted Hkp 10B for overseas duties (Afghanistan) and Hkp 10D for deployment training.

AS332AirAérospatialeEurocopterFlygvapnetForceFörsvarsmaktenHelikopterHkp10HuvudflygdagLinköpingMalmslättSARSuper PumaSverigeSwedenairshowhelicopterrescuetacticalhkp10superpumasweden100613020442mb

From AS332 Super Puma (Eurocopter)