2010 Swedish Military Airshow - marcelburgerphoto

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The Blériot XI is an improved version of the monoplane used by Frenchman Louis Blériot for crossing the English Channel in 1909. The aircraft was used by the Allies during the First World War (The Great War) as a reconnaissance aircraft. Carl Cederström, an important pioneer of Swedish aviation, introduced the Bleriot XI in Sweden. Three Swedish Bleriot XI's are restored in great condition. One is owned by the Tekniska Museet (Science Museum in Stockholm) with reg. no SE-AEC. The others (SE-AMZ and SE-XMC) are owned by Mikael Carlson, seen here flying the aircraft (SE-XMC) at the 2010 airshow of the Swedish armed forces at Malmslätt, Linköping. The Bleriot XIs are the oldest Swedish aircraft still flying.

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