About me - Marcel Burger
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Hello! Hoi! Hej! Cześć!

I was born in the Netherlands, but I live in Sweden for already more than a dozen years. I'm first of all a journalist and correspondent for media in Belgium and the Netherlands, but the last couple of years I have also been very much engaged as a language teacher in Dutch and integrating international students on Swedish elementary schools.

As a photographer I co-founded Made by Magmar, created together with my friend Magdalena Pezdek in Spring 2017 to share our love for travelling, photography and story-telling. My portrait from Fulufjället National Park in Sweden here on the left is taken by her.

With Made by Marcel Burger I'll share the moments and stories I've captured ever since I gave myself a single-lens reflex camera for my 16th birthday. And so the adventure began ...

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