2010 Swedish Military Airshow - Hello!

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Simulated attack by Swedish ground forces (Armén) at F3 Malmslätt, Linköping, during the 2010 Airshow of the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmaktens Huvudflygdag). Notice the muzzle fire as a Swedish soldier fires away with the Kulspruta 58 B machine-gun mounted on top of the Personterrängbil 6 Galten, as it is known within the Swedish armed forces. The machine-gun is the Swedish version of the Belgian-made FN MAG. The vehicle is internationally known as BAE Land Systems OMC RG32M and was produced in South Africa. The personal weapon of the foot soldiers is the Automatkarbin 5C (Ak 5c), a Swedish version of the Belgian FN FNC produced by Bofors and FFC.

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